Hello Eco is committed to being an industry leader by offering true sustainability, recycling and beneficial re-use solutions. Our process at Hello Eco begins with first understanding your company’s unique sustainability goals and strategies. We complete a LEED value based waste audit assessment of your current program. Once the status and goals are thoroughly understood, we craft a proposal detailing a customized solution for your facility based upon maximizing your recycling potential. We do that by setting up strategic direction for all the departments of your organization to take practical efforts to ensure effective EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) management as well as create a “green culture”. Hello Eco takes a triple bottom line approach where our business excellence is measured by our economic, environmental and social performance. The result of our process yields lasting relationships based upon mutual trust and value, while preserving the environment, conserving natural resources, and eliminating material heading into our landfills.

Hello Eco Services
Waste Audits – By conducting a LEED value based waste audit on your company, Hello Eco will be able to identify and catalog all recyclable product streams currently being treated as waste. We can then design an innovative recycling program best suited to meet your company’s’ needs. In addition to assisting businesses in achieving considerable savings on existing waste management costs, the waste audit will also identify a company’s waste / recycling infrastructure requirements. The audit objectives can also be designed to further satisfy Environmental Protection Agency requirements and obligations.

Industrial materials recycling – Hello Eco offers this service to preserve our natural resources by decreasing the demand for virgin materials; conserves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the demand for products made from energy intensive manufacturing processes; and saves money by decreasing disposal costs for the generator and decreasing materials costs for end users.

Independent Auditing- Hello Eco provides independent auditing that manages, tracks and verifies all material volumes recycled from each of our clients. This provides a measurement to recognize and reward our clients for their recycling efforts. Our clients receive quarterly volume reports for each commodity recycled. This provides a verified way for corporations to report their efforts not only to its stakeholders but its employees and the community in which it protects. We offer this service at no additional charge to our clients who are interested in verifying their efforts to become more environmentally friendly and to help reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Hello Eco Recycled Materials
We customize a program for you and specialize in value added recycle programs for the following materials:

  • Paper – Paper products such as newspaper, school books, cardboard, office paper, computer paper, roll stock, and obsolete printed or unprinted material.
  • Plastics – Hello Eco accepts all 7 grades of plastics with an emphasis on HDPE.
  • Glass – Glass products we accept for recycling include all post-consumer and pharmaceutical grade glass
  • Metals – Hello Eco recycles all non-precious grades of…brass, cooper, steel, aluminum, insulated cooper wire, stainless steel, tin, a
  • Pallets – Hello Eco recycles both plastic and wooden pallets.
  • Universal Waste/E-Waste – Hello Eco will recycle almost any type of battery, computer/office equipment and cell phones.
  • Ink/Toner Cartridges – Hello Eco recycles all types of ink and toner cartridges regardless of manufacture.

Hello Eco Service Promise
Hello Eco will to strive to meet all of our customers’ needs by continuing to add environmentally sound products and services. Hello Eco continually researches all end user possibilities to ensure our customers have the best recycling solutions with the least impact on the environment. This includes finding and creating new options for historically unrecyclable materials.

Recycling Challenge
Welcome to the Hello Eco Recycling Challenge. Hello Eco has earned a reputation for maximizing the recycling potential and productivity of our clients. One feature of our services is our ability to find beneficial reuse and recycling solutions for material that is generally considered unrecyclable. Hello Eco has a vast network of third party recycling centers and direct reuse outlets that allow us to offer our clients the latest in recycling and sustainability technologies. The Hello Eco network allows us to find recycling and beneficial reuse solutions for materials that most recyclers cannot manage or quite honestly have no interest in doing so. At Hello Eco, finding a home for your hard to recycle material is all a part of our culture. We continually strive to offer our clients true sustainability solutions to ensure we maximize their recycling productivity, and by doing so, leaving the earth better prepared for the needs of future generations.

Feel free to challenge Hello Eco to find a home for any materials you would like to recycle or have questions on their recycling potential. Please complete the form to the right with as detailed and completed information as possible so that we may respond to your request as accurately as possible.


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