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Franchise Info

Hello Eco Franchise Owner Training

We have a thorough training program that allows you to hit the ground running. Our training program uses an e-myth approach by covering not only the “working in” activities but more importantly “working on” your business. Hello Eco also utilizes a thorough on-going support program to keep you up to date on best practices and changes in the business. Our new owner training program is conducted in San Diego, CA over a 5 day period.

There are four segments to our training program. First, an introductory training session is provided to start to introduce our new owners to Hello Eco. This session is provided via an live online module and starts to provide the Hello Eco game plan. Second, new owners attend our training program over a 5 day action packed session in San Diego. After you attend our new owner training program we assist you in getting ready to launch your business by reviewing a business

Business Launch Program

To support the marketing launch of your Hello Eco business, you will have a customized business launch program. This program includes an initial marketing set inluding business cards, marketing sheets, brochures, and promotional materials. In addition, your business launch program includes an appointment setting program to get you started with your intial customers.